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Steam Users Review Bomb Over Female Leaders | Total War: Rome 2

Steam Users Review Bomb Over Female Leaders | Total War: Rome 2

Total War: Rome 2 has endured a Steam review bombing keep running over women characters and an ongoing update,however it turns out the game is filling in as expected. 

The case is that half of the generals are currently women.The contention got its pace from the online surveys and discussion posts on Steam which faulted the designers to have fabricated the successive appearance of women generals in the game more than what appears to be suitable. It proceeded to disturb various users of Total War Rome 2. 

This went uncontested for a considerable length of time until a screenshot seemed to demonstrate a program loaded with female officers. This started the present survey shelling effort on Steam, bringing the game down to 'Overwhelmingly Negative' under ongoing audits. By and large surveys for Rome 2, in the interim, still sit at 'For the most part Positive'. 

Reacting on Steam in August, a lady network content editorial manager repeated Creative Assembly's situation on the issue: "Total War games are historically authentic, not historically accurate - if having female units upsets you that much you can either mod them out or just not play. People saying they won't buy the game because there are too many women in it is fine with us - if that's their reason, we'd rather they didn't anyway."

In the mean time, while the most recent portion of the Total War games has various areas to experience in the Great Britian. The tenderfoots can jump into the game also.

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