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Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Coming To PC In 2019 According To Retailers

Red Dead Redemption 2 Is Coming To PC According To Rumors

A standout amongst the most foreseen games of the year arrives on Friday October 26 as Red Dead Redemption 2. For the present however, the game is just accessible on consoles you'll require a PlayStation 4 or a Xbox One to have the capacity to play the game at launch. 

Despite the fact that leaks and rumors about the exceptionally foreseen Rockstar Games continuation at long last advancing over onto PC is just the same old thing new, a later release appears to back up doubts that the franchise may at last be advancing over to the prevalent stage. 

A retailer in Europe simply lit the rumor process ablaze when they recorded the Wild West title up for a PC release come 2019. Given this is one of the "biggest retailers for purchaser gadgets" and not simply some irregular shop, the possibility that PC players will at last get their hands on Red Dead appears to be more probable than any time in recent memory. 

The posting was presented on MediaMarkt and noted by TechTastic before it got pulled once more, with December 31, 2019 the given release date (however that is likely only a placeholder). Aside from that there's very little we can gather from the evident hole.

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