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Corsair Announces Gaming Keyboard And Mice Support For Xbox One Arrives Nov. 14

Corsair Announces Gaming Keyboard And Mice Support For Xbox One Arrives Nov. 14

Today CORSAIR announced compatibility with the Microsoft Xbox One for CORSAIR wired and wireless keyboards and mice, following Microsoft's recent announcement of extended peripheral support for the console. Now, players can take advantage of CORSAIR's award winning gaming peripherals to play keyboard and mouse-enabled games on a whole new platform Xbox One. 

It was promised back in September, and now two months after the fact Microsoft is at long last set to introduce keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One. Up until this point, 15 games are affirmed as having keyboard and mouse input options, with additional to come. 

"CORSAIR is proud to be Microsoft’s newest Xbox licensed hardware partner and is excited that the Xbox One team has opened up support for keyboards and mice. Xbox One players now have at their disposal the same precision and reliability that PC gamers have enjoyed from CORSAIR peripherals for years. CORSAIR is working to ensure a great experience on Xbox One and looks forward to collaborating with the Xbox team to deliver even more compatible peripherals in the future. 

In addition to partnering with the Xbox team, CORSAIR is committed to working more closely with Microsoft on numerous other initiatives including Mixer, Microsoft’s next-generation interactive livestreaming service. Through Elgato, CORSAIR’s subsidiary brand for content creators, Mixer broadcasters will be empowered to improve their streams through integration with the powerful and versatile Elgato Stream Deck, along with other exciting initiatives currently in development use for the Xbox One. 

Microsoft hopes that in the process gamers will buy a couple of extra accessories for its consoles.Of the considerable number of announcements they made today regarding this matter, is by all accounts the most encouraging as it would help dispose of a ton of gear required to stream for Xbox One users and make it less demanding to get to what they require quicker." 

Be that as it may, support across games is restricted to particular developer implementation, thinking about parity for competitive titles. It's up to developers to ensure that anyway they implement mouse and console support, it's reasonable for everybody.

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