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Dark Eclipse Patch Version 2.0, Adds New Heroes, Ranked Mode, And More

Dark Eclipse Patch Version 2.0, Adds New Heroes, Ranked Mode, And More

Dark Eclipse Patch Version 2.0, Adds New Heroes, Ranked Mode, And More

Dark Eclipse gets a new patch version 2.00. This update adds new heroes, features, as well as contains various bug fixes and general improvements. This update also includes ranked mode, with the rank queue, it will be skill-based matchmaking if possible.

Check out the patch notes below:

version 2.00

New Heroes:
  • Zahina.
  • Dosmelda.
  • Destrophe.
  • In-game news items about these three new characters.
Ranked Mode:
  • Leaderboard added to show the top 100 highest ranked players who achieved Master Rank.
  • Season reward for playing ranked matches has been added to the rank tab.
  • Reliability Score is added to impose penalty upon abnormal disconnection. Penalty countdown can be seen in the Play menu.
  • Rank icon is added next to the player icon on the top-right corner of the 2D menu.
  • Code changes to determine whether 5 ranked matches have been played, if so, rank point is then displayed to the player
  • Pop-up messages about the beginning of Ranked Mode has been added
  • In-game news items about ranked mode started
  • Code changes to calculate rank point increase/decrease based on ranked match results
New Features:
  • Motion controller can now be used in the 2D menu whether or not a standard wireless controller is attached.
  • During battle, new UI now shows whether the passive skill is active. Active/passive skill countdown and stack info are also added
  • New visual effect to show that the active skill can now be used
  • Purchase history is now shown
  • News item with links to various social networks added
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed an issue when the active skill is triggered, subsequent normal attacks target the closest enemy instead of the targeted enemy
  • Graphic bug fixes for Sakura’s hit effect and Shulaia’s shader
  • Fixed an issue when an Eater cannot move or attack
  • Fixed the volume of the battle sound effect when manipulating the slider
  • Plays the voice over of respective languages when manipulating the volume of the character voiceover
  • Fixed voiceover bugs for certain VR skins
  • Fixed various VFX effects
  • When pressing the Triangle button while holding the control polygon, the cursor on the ground now changes to the correct color
  • Particle effects for “Victory” was turned into billboards as originally planned
  • Display a message about AI battle when transitioning from the result menu to the main menu at planned timing
  • At the pick menu, changed how the voiceovers are being referenced by using a master file and confirming the number of existing files
You can read general improvements here

Dark Eclipse is available for PlayStation 4

Cover Photo Credit: Sunsoft

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