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Fortnite’s Giant Purple Cube Disappeared, New Map Location and More

 Fortnite’s Giant Purple Cube Disappeared, New Map Location and More
Fortnite's giant purple cube named Kevin passed on Sunday around 30 meters above Leaky Lake after an all-encompassing battle with levitation. Memorial services were held promptly a while later in a perpetual white field where friends and family were invited to skim weightlessly among themselves and in the organization of abstract structures that coalesced into crystalline butterflies. Kevin was 72 days old.

The finale for the Fortnitemares event was easily the biggest and most abnormal Fortnite live occasion yet, and you can get our recording of the entire proceedings in the video above. If you can't observe right presently, here's the quick recap: it began with Kevin (RIP) spinning quicker and quicker in its spot above Leaky Lake. Kevin's splits extended and it detonated, the blinding white light subsiding as every one of the 100 or so players wound up in the aforementioned weightless field. At that point a precious stone butterfly thing rippled over, arrived on the characters' fingers, and a chime rang out before they were sent skydiving down to the Battle Royale outline. 

It was a mildly religious experience, peeling back layers of Fortnite Battle Royale's unusual, regularly evolving legend that Epic Games has just made the barest of prods at previously. Not exclusively did the occasion bring the Halloween-themed festivities (finish with AI-controlled zombies) to a nearby, it likewise patched up the Leaky Lake territory under the previous site of the cube. Presently it's run druidic with a Stone Henge-like game plan of standing rocks in the inside. Prominent rings of land with chest-studded rocky pinnacles likewise mean there's relatively little water left in this supposed lake. 

A great part of the zone is by all accounts beneath water level however, so it could all surge right back up. No one can tell what kind of changes will go to the Fortnite outline as Fortnite season 6 moves on. 

This change and puzzle we're still likely about multi month out from the beginning of Fortnite season 7.

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