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Microsoft Is Planning To Release Xbox One With No Disc Slot For 2019

 Rumor : Microsoft Could Release Xbox One With No Disc Slot For 2019
Microsoft is planning to release an updated console next year.This less expensive model could play regular Xbox One games, however there would be no Blu-Ray drive.According to a new report from Thurott

The site is reporting that Microsoft has made a new SKU for another Xbox One model launching one year from now, and Microsoft will give Xbox owners a chance to exchange their discs for digital copies at Microsoft Stores. 

Microsoft is likewise working on a program that will enable you to take all of your discs to a participating retailer and make them downloadable. This is significant, as there are most likely some gamers out there that bought discs when the Xbox One initially turned out, just to discover that they'd even now need to download many gigabytes worth of data anyway. 

Microsoft ventured in it concerning game ownership at the beginning of this generation, and it doesn't show up precisely anxious to repeat those mistakes here toward the end of the Xbox One era. 

The company is clearly as yet deciding whether or not Xbox Scarlett will feature a disc drive.

“Microsoft is moving forward very carefully with this product as it knows that a sizeable portion of its users do prefer to buy physical games and not download them,” the website says.

The new SKU is intended to save money on production and along these lines retail cost, so it will be the benchmark S model and not the Xbox One X, with more processing power, 4K and HDR color support. Thurrott says the new console is being focused for a spring 2019 launch. 

In the event that Microsoft is in reality willing to make a Xbox without a disc drive, it could spell end of an era for video games as publishers keep on advancing more digital content.

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