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Nintendo Is Shutting Down Video Streaming Services On Wii Early 2019

Nintendo Is Shutting Down Video Streaming Services On Wii Early 2019
Nintendo will suspend all video streaming services on the Wii from 30th January 2019.That means any likes of Netflix will stop taking a shot at Wii from 31st January. 

On the off chance that you happen to be one of the few people in the world as yet using a Nintendo Wii to watch Netflix, you won't be for any longer. Netflix has sent an email to consumers, alarming people that Nintendo will close down the majority of their services for the original Wii console for video streaming, which includes their service.

As per a copy of that email shared on Reddit, the switch is authoritatively being flipped on January 31, 2019. From that point forward, the Netflix Wii "channel" (and apparently other streaming services like Hulu and Amazon Instant Video too) will never again work on the system. 

It make sense the 12-year-old console would lose usefulness, and with the Nintendo Switch getting a YouTube application simply this week, it feels like the light is at last being passed. 

As per users, Netflix's email incorporates the accompanying: 

"We hope you'll soon enjoy an even better Netflix experience with additional features on a supported device. Please visit for our device list."

It's a move that truly shouldn't be such stunning to people, particularly since this month will be the 12-year anniversary of the Wii. Nintendo as an organization will do what it can push ahead from more established consoles and spotlight on more current ones. In case regardless you're using the Wii, you have until January 31st, 2019 to find an alternative.  

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