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Atlas A New Survival Pirate MMO Is Been Delayed Again : It was Supposed To Launch A Week Ago

Atlas A New Survival Pirate MMO Is been Delayed Again : It was Supposed To Launch A Week Ago
ATLAS, a new survival pirate MMO from the makers of ARK, which would include 40,000 players on a server and promptly drew comparisons as “what Sea of Thieves should have been.”

In the event that you looked at Twitch prior today, you would've seen the same grouping  of games that dependably sit at the top of its Browse section. For several hours today, more than 33,000 individuals were viewing  a variety of streamers in that category. 

Be that as it may, none of those streamers were really playing Atlas. Rather, everybody was simply sitting around and waiting for it to release—or they were until developer Studio Wildcard, who give off an impression of being creating Atlas under the name Grapeshot Games, announced that Atlas  would be delayed again.

The game went from reported to "ready to launch" in early access in about seven days, yet regardless of a original release date of December 11, here we are three days before Christmas and the game has been delayed about four times since.

Today, they are as yet attempting to get this thing online some way, some how. Apparently the first rollout will be an "special branch" of the game only for content creators  which won't spare their advancement, which has not gotten many content creators appallingly enthused about that prospect.

It was supposed to go live yesterday, yet here we are at the beginning of today to a new tweet that the "build" is as yet being taken a shot at and ought to be ready in five hours. Ideally. Perhaps. Who knows, realy?

Delays are a normal part of game development and it's dependably something worth being thankful for when developers  set aside the additional time to work on a game—regardless of whether that prompts temporary disappointment from players. In any case, Atlas' everyday postponements are unsettling, on the grounds that it suggests that things are last minute.

Atlas is now expected to release three days before Christmas, and MMOs are live items that require constant developer attention particularly during its first weeks when issues like server strength and significant bugs can demolish players' understanding. So why for heaven's sake would Studio Wildcard release an MMO days before Christmas when that apparently implies representatives in charge of uptime and fixes won't get a break?

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