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Atlus Has Announced Persona 5 R, A New Version OF Its Acclaimed RPG

Atlus Has Announced Persona 5 R, A New Version OF Its Acclaimed RPG
Atlus has announced Persona 5 R,  a new version of its acclaimed RPG. A teaser video has been released and a website for the game has additionally gone live. However, neither uncover what this new version of Persona 5 will incorporate.

After several rumors and clues that sprung up in the previous couple of weeks, Atlus has officially uncovered Persona 5 R, which (as of now) is unknown precisely what it is simply yet, yet our best estimate is that it would be be a new version of the game like Persona 4 Golden that would deliver new features and content  to the original Persona 5.

Concerning what can be gathered from the video itself, there isn't much. It simply contains some of the same scenes of Tokyo found in Persona 5, with screens appearing Phantom Thieves logo and the phrase "New Projects", which could demonstrate various things to unveil this March.

As indicated by the teaser trailer released by Atlus, Persona 5 R will come PS4 for certain, however no affirmation has arrived yet on regardless of whether it might likewise come to Nintendo Switch as sought after by fans, and particularly after the uncover that Persona 5's Joker will come Super Smash Bros. Extreme.

For the time being, Persona fans will simply need to sit tight until the point when more data is declared. Fortunately, they won't hold up long. In three short months, Atlus apparently has a ton to uncover to groups of onlookers, and, similar to the Phantom Thieves, it will probably take our hearts.

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