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ConchShip Games Milestone : The Scroll OF Taiwu Has Sold 1 Million Copies On Steam

ConchShip Games Milestone : The Scroll OF Taiwu Has Sold 1 Million Copies On Steam
Chinese-only indie RPG The Scroll of Taiwu, in which you deal with a martial arts dynasty,One of the more well known new releases on Steam has managed to surpass one million copies sold.

ConchShip Games announced the achievement on Steam this week, as analyst Daniel Ahmad calls attention to, it's fascinating on the grounds that Steam works in a "grey area" in China. The country has a functioning stop on new game endorsements, but the appetite for gaming hasn't diminished. In October, Steam surpassed 30 million users in China, and its popularity continues to grow.

The game’s Steam page (which is interpreted from its local Chinese) depicts itself as an outside the box RPG with procedural generation that is dependent on Chinese mythology and Wuxia stories. The description peruses: 

In the “Taiwu” Universe, besides playing as a “successor of Taiwu”, you will live your life in many different ways: being kind, evil, or somewhere between. You can visit the sects and gangs around the world and learn the various martial art styles; you can choose to make sworn brothers or blood feud; you can establish a village of your own and run various businesses; or you can settle down with your love and enter parenthood. Eventually, you will face the greatest enemy of the “Taiwu” family and determine the fate of the entire world.

ConchShip has recently announced that it's planning an English interpretation of The Scroll of Taiwu, so look out for that next year. It's as of now in Early Access,  where it's expected to be until late 2019.

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