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Frictional Games: First-Person Horror Game "Soma" For Free From GOG!

Frictional Games: First-Person Horror Game "Soma" For Free From GOG!
Ready for a post-Christmas treat?GOG has what you're searching for. is once again offering a free game between now and December 30, you can download the horror game Soma for PC, Mac, and Linux, totally free. 

You should simply click the 'Get it FREE' button in the banner on GOG's primary main. Do that and you'll get it added to your GOG account. Voila and all that.The game is a very good horror title, so sure to take advantage of this deal if you’re a fan of the genre and need something new to play before the end of the year.

Soma is the most recent game from Frictional Games, which is a studio you may know just like the developer of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Penumbra series. The studio has built a reputation for making some of the scariest horror games ever.

Soma takes numerous elements from Amnesia, for example, sneakily dodging monsters in the dark and physics-based puzzle solving, but adds to it a sci-fi story about what it means to be human.

In any case, for those who can’t handle the horror aspects, the game additionally offers a Safe Mode now. This alters enemy AI to not kill the player character, expelling the stealth aspects and giving players a chance to explore more freely.

Purchasing on GOG would normally cost $29.99, however for the following two days – until December 30, 11:00am UTC – the game is totally free to claim on the store.

In addition, new games have been added to the GOG Connect page too, giving users a chance to claim DRM-free versions of select Steam games they own for free. The GOG Winter Sale is slated to end on January 3.

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