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Steam Will Use Machine Learning For Better Game Recommendations

Steam Will Use Machine Learning For Bbetter Game Recommendations
Valve in 2019 will release various updates to its Steam PC games store.Like, Valve will update the design of Steam itself so as to keep it in accordance with the redesign of Steam Chat. 

One of Steam’s most consistent issues, the discoverability of games that could possibly arrive on the homepage, is going to get some reworking, as indicated by Steam.As for what's coming down the road, Valve outlined eight changes that it plans to ship this year. 

Steam says it is working on a new recommendation engine “powered by machine-learning,  that can match players to games based on their individual tastes." Those changes additionally incorporate modifications to broadcasting and curation features, so it may be reasonable for expect a greater amount of those live streams of popular games popping up while you’re shopping.

A new broadcasting and curating features, an improved Steam library based on tech that underlies the new version of Steam chat, the launch of Steam China, a new events system, Steam TV support for all games, a new Steam chat mobile app, an expanded Steam Trust system for determining whether or not players are cheaters, and an official Steam PC cafe program.

The company additionally reiterated its partnership with Perfect World to bring Steam to China, a move that raised eyebrows when it was first announced last summer. 

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