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Godzilla Comes To PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0 Beta Version With New Gameplay Features

Godzilla Comes To PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.0 Beta Version With New Gameplay Features

PUBG Mobile has recently launched their new beta version testing phase of 0.13.0 by collaborating with Godzilla: King of Monsters. Players will able to find several Godzilla-themed contents in the game.After the release of Call of Duty: Mobile, the competition to secure the no. 1 position in Mobile video game market is increasing day by day.

Last year, the game involved some Mission Impossible-themed content after the movie was released. Similarly, early this year, we got a lot of zombies after the collaboration with the Resident Evil franchise. Now, In its latest collaboration, PUBG MOBILE has joined hands with the team of the upcoming movie - Godzilla: King of Monsters. And to celebrate the release of the movie, the game has received new additions, all themed around the new Godzilla movie.

Note that while the following features are rolling out in beta, there is a chance that some of them might not arrive on the stable update.

The new update will bring a new loading screen, new avatars and avatar frames, and a new event mode called Team Deathmatch. Which is playable in both first and third person perspective.The new mode allows two teams to play against each other with unlimited respawns. 

The team that has the most number of kills in what looks like a 9-10 minute match will win the match. A special easter egg where you can see Godzilla lurking around in the water when you spawn in Erangel and you can also spot giant footprints on the map.

Bizon Gun

This gun is already available on PUBG PC and is a Russian submachine gun fitted with a large capacity helical magazine and uses 9mm ammo.

Kar98k Lab Skin

The Terror Fang Kar98k looks really impressive and will be offered in the gun lab with up to seven research that you can achieve by gathering paint and materials from crates and rewards.


The snow-covered map of Vikendi will finally be out of beta and will be fully downloadable. This means that there should be less glitches and bugs on the map. Also, a new secret cave has also been unlocked new Podvosto which gives you access to level 3 loot as well as rare guns like AWM and AUG A3. The map has also been updated to show tracks on snow, which is pretty neat.

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