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The Number OF Online PC Gamers In China Will Soon Overtake The Total Population OF The USA

The Number OF Online PC Gamers In China Will Soon Overtake The Total Population OF The US

China has the biggest online PC games market in the world and is on its way to becoming a $16 billion industry by 2023 , there will be an estimated 354 million PC gamers playing online games in China—more than the entire population of the United States. The country is the largest market for online PC games and (keep in mind that mobile games is an even bigger market in China.), accounted for more than half of all revenue generated worldwide in 2018 for the industry. 

According to leading Asian game market research and consulting firm Niko Partners report on 2019 China PC Online Games Market Report that summarizes the 2018 year for PC gaming in China, but also the projected future for the industry in China by 2023.

China has been growing at a rapid pace since 2001 when it comes to the PC gaming market and it was only worth $100 million back in the day. It's important to note that a similar milestone was reached by China five years ago when market research company EEDAR revealed at the 2014 Games Marketing Summit in San Francisco that the number of gamers in China had overtook the total number of citizens in the U.S. The biggest surprise is that even with all the drama surrounding the heavy government regulations in the country, the market continues to grow at a substantial rate year on year.

In March 2018, Niko Partners predicted a drop in the industry after the Chinese government froze licensing of new games in the country. From banning corpses and blood to temporary freezing licenses for new games to forming a game ethics committee, the online PC games market in China, despite these challenges, has soldiered on to generate an impressive $15.21 billion revenue in 2018.

The leading contributor to this revenue was the Esports community.According to PC Gamer, foreign games accounted for 60 percent of China’s PC gaming revenue in 2018. China has over 138,000 internet cafes. It made $6.3 billion or 41.4 percent of the entire revenue made by the PC online games market, and projected to reach $9.5 billion in 2023.

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