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Eon Gaming Announces Their Super 64 Adapter HDMI Adapter For Nintendo

Eon Gaming Announces Their Super 64 Adapter HDMI Adapter For Nintendo

Eon Gaming is one company that’s devoted itself to providing HDMI solutions for old consoles – last year they released the GCHD (HDMI GameCube adapter) a plug and play HDMI solution, that allowed you to more easily play games , and now EON wants to make an even bigger splash by introducing a new HDMI plug and play solution for the Nintendo 64!

Depending on your setup at home, getting your Nintendo 64 to work on a modern display isn't as easy as it once was. Some fancy monitors just aren't expecting you to plug in a 23-year-old machine (we can't relate),that's where EON steps in, the EON Super 64, the first-of-its-kind, plug-and-play solution connecting the Nintendo 64 with modern television and monitors.

A plug-and-play adapter that upscales the N64's video to 480p, and takes the system's S-video output, and replaces it with HDMI. All you have to do is just plug it into the Nintendo 64, turn it on, and it's ready to go.One end fits right into the back of your console, just as your original cables do, and the other end is ready and waiting to accept a standard HDMI cable.

Because the Super 64 will use S-Video, this means that no internal modification of the system is required for users of NTSC consoles. There’s also a button for “Slick Mode”, that will allow the Super 64 to smooth an image to reduce the amount of aliasing that is present. 

Hardcore N64 fans will be happy to know that it launches relatively soon, The Super 64 will be launching on July 22 for $149.99 with pre-orders available now at CastleMania Games!

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