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A New Set Of Anthem's Pre-Cataclysm Challenges Are Live

A New Set Of Anthem's Pre-Cataclysm Challenges Are Live

After delaying Anthem's first big in-game event back in May, BioWare’s loot shooter Anthem is finally kicking off Cataclysm festivities with a new set of Challenges called “The Oncoming Storm” which revolve around crystals, which will introduce a new limited-time mode, but players seems to have already run into some difficulty trying to complete the Challenges due to bugs and crashes.

A new set of ‘Pre-Cataclysm’ challenges are now available to play in Freeplay mode. You can find them under the heading ‘The Oncoming Storm’ in the challenges tab. However, Bioware hasn't yet specified, but it's assumed these challenges are part of the two week "pre-Cataclysm" period before the event starts in full force.

  1. The first revolves around destroying a new set of crystals that have started appearing around the world. 
  2. The second requires you to complete three separate “Crystal World Events,” activities that randomly pop up and reward you with a crystal once finished.
  3. To complete the third, you just need to kill crystallized enemies, which are effectively Scar fighters with crystals on their backs. 
Players who complete these challenges will rewards you with Coin, one of Anthem’s standard in-game currencies that can be spent on armor and materials, and some limited-time decals to use on their javelins.

Dedicated players – there still are a core bunch of them – have been checking out changes seen playing in Anthem’s PTS, and Several players in the Anthem subreddit have reported that the game has been crashing more than usual while they’re in freeplay. 

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