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Fortnite Season 10 Teaser Image And Leaked Trailer Hints At Another Returning Skin

Fortnite Season 10 Teaser Image And Leaked Trailer Hints At Another Returning Skin

Fortnite Season 10 : Battle Royale is fast approaching. The new season kicks off this Thursday, August 1, and developer Epic Games has been sharing cryptic images that seem to tease that some older content. The glowing orb in Loot Lake is getting ready to blow! Within the last week, cracks have been showing up in orb and many are anticipating a game-changing event to occur. “Zero in”, is the associated phrase for the upcoming season.

Epic Games released a teaser for the new season on Wednesday. However, in Brazil, the entire trailer was made available for a couple of minutes. The leaked trailer tweeted by a data miner shows that the theme for Fortnite season 10 will be time.

It shows Jonesy floating through space as old skins and objects pass by him like Peely, the Cube, and the glowing butterfly. The tagline says "Time Is Up", and right at the end of the teaser, he's dropped on the ground the split second before the meteor collides with Dusty Depot.

Not long after the leak, Epic uploaded the entire season trailer to Twitter.One change in the official English trailer is the tagline at the end that says "Time is up." And it looks like another skin from the past will be making a comeback--albeit with a twist.

After The Final Showdown between the giant robot and Polar Peak monsters, a giant orb began to pulsate in Loot Lake. The trailer shows the orb exploding and tossing Jonesy, the default character used by Epic in various trailers, into an alternative dimension. There he sees various objects from previous Fortnite seasons such as the rocket from the rocket launch event, a giant Durrr Burger head and various holiday-themed items from previous events. It ends with Jonesy back on the island, with Dusty Depot behind him and what appears to be the meteor that destroyed the location back in season 3. The leaked trailer ends with "time is up" in Portuguese.

The teaser, showcases what appear to be two skins. The one on the right bears a clear resemblance to the Drift skin from Season 5, although it's colored differently, while the other is presumably a new skin being introduced in Season 10. "Twist time," the accompanying caption reads, which further hints at some kind of time warp theme for the season.

During the Fortnite World Cup Finals, Epic teased gamers with a single image of the previously destroyed Dusty Depot accompanied with the phrase “think back”.

The second is above, and seems to tease that the robots that we saw fighting in the latest live event aren't gone forever. Interestingly, that symbol on the left of the image is the same that featured on the armour of The Visitor, a character who was prominent in the game during season 4. He's the one who is believed to be a time traveller and opened up the rifts that still litter the map.

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