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PUBG Anti-Cheat Update Shows: The Team Working Behind The Scenes To Respond To Cheaters

PUBG Anti-Cheat Update Shows: The Team Working Behind The Scenes To Respond To Cheaters

PUBG. Corp have shared a video in which they reveal how exactly PUBG's Anti-cheat team working behind the scenes to respond to cheaters and hackers, as PUBG has been dealing with cheaters since its release in 2017.

But now PUBG's Anti-Cheat Unit based in South Korea is giving it their best shot, to clamp down on these cheaters.A behind-the-scenes video shows how this anti-cheat unit works to counter hackers and cheaters.The team use machine learning for algorithms to further improve the anti-cheat measures.

"The PUBG Anti-Cheat Unit responds to any unauthorized actions that negatively affect our players' gameplay experience," said Dohyung Lee, head of the unit. "We're always looking to provide the most positive gameplay experience we can for our community."

Dohyung Lee, the head of PUBG’s Anti-Cheat Unit, and Wonha Ryu, Anti-Cheat operations manager, explain a few of the broader concepts and approaches they use in the process of identifying cheaters and hacking tools as new methods arise.

"The Analysis Team and Engineering Team analyze the hack tool and start developing a response logic," said anti-cheat operation manager Wonha Ryu.

PUBG Anti-Cheat Update Shows: The Team Working Behind The Scenes To Respond To Cheaters

As per video, PUBG’s Anti-Cheat Unit relies on internal tools and player reports to identify cheating trends. When the unit is tipped off to a new hack or device used to cheat in PUBG, the team will find the third party hacking tool or device that’s being used to facilitate the cheat. Engineers will then work to deploy countermeasures into the game, while another team imposes sanctions on players using the tool – usually in the form of bans.

Moreover, the team then prepares for additional attacks by using machine learning techniques, to develop algorithms to help identify cheats faster. Which search for similar, unusual behaviour during gameplay. Once the team finds a hacker or cheater, they issue hardware bans that revoke the access of a cheater's hardware.

“Cheat developers will always evolve their techniques to try to get around ours,” he said. “So we recently created a very sophisticated technical response that makes it more difficult for offenders to develop illegal programs, such as encryption of pointer and memory, virtualization of codes, section shuffles, and more.”

"The goal here is to provide a system that will effectively respond to hackers and abusers by using various statistics, logs, and play patterns found using machine-learning technologies," said anti-cheat engineering developer Dongwan Kim.

Outside of the game, PUBG Corp. work with what Ryu calls “international partners.”  to find the developers and distributors of the cheating software. These are, it seems, law enforcement organizations that use PUBG Corp’s data on hacking to identify, arrest, and prosecute people creating and selling illegal software.The team is proud that they managed to apprehend several members of the largest hack sales organisation.

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