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The Surge 2's Latest Trailer New Areas, Bosses And Weapons

The Surge 2's Latest Trailer New Areas, Bosses And Weapons

The Surge 2's latest trailer highlights several of PC, PS4, and Xbox One game's areas, bosses, and weapons is looking like a pretty big improvement on the first game.The sequel brings back much of what made the original special, such as the ability to target individual limbs in combat.You can check out the full trailer below.

In this new gameplay trailer, we get a glimpse of lots of new locations, as well as enemies, bosses, and weapons you'll be able to wield.Such is the curse of the RPG hero, always stuck trying to make do with whatever gear is available, even if it means you have to walk around looking like a melted gold statue.

Doing this not only offers a tactical advantage, it also lets you more reliably farm for gear and crafting components. You see, these are tied to the various limbs they’re attached to’ so if you want a new pair of greaves, you’ll have to slice it off some poor enemy.

Acquiring parts is a bit of a grisly job. The action part of this action-RPG is rather bloody, and you'll be hacking off limbs to get your hands on the good stuff, all in preparation for some tricky boss battles, a few of which we get to see in the trailer. There are some pretty cool enemy designs on display, and I'm a big fan of this guy and his creepy octopus robot:

This video not only shows some of the game’s early areas like downtown Jericho City, but it highlights a lot of the game’s bosses as well. The Surge 2’s new gameplay trailer also showcases some of the more brutal enemy finisher attacks that will chop off entire limbs. 

The trailer also shows off tons of the different armor sets players will have access to, if that’s a big draw for you. On September 24, The Surge 2 will launch for PC, PS4, and Xbox One and it can be pre-ordered on Amazon right now. Are you excited for The Surge 2? What do you think of its new trailer? Go out on a limb in the comments below.

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