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My Friend Pedro Sold 250,000 Units In First Week

My Friend Pedro Sold 250,000 Units In First Week

Developed by Swedish studio DeadToast Entertainment's My Friend Pedro, a 2D bullet-time score-attack action-platformer, is almost entirely the work of one developer: Victor Ågren. publisher Devolver Digital confirmed on Twitter yesterday that it sold 250,000 copies in its first week on both PC and Switch, so Victor's probably pretty happy about that.

To celebrate the milestone, publisher Devolver Digital and developer DeadToast has released a behind-the-scenes video that delves into the development of My Friend Pedro. It began as a Flash game which was made for a student project, and was than put on the backburner when Victor got a job at MediaMolecule, and finally came out this year.

My Friend Pedro was was released on Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch on June 20, after being in development "on and off" for around four years. DeadToast is also benefiting from the Steam Summer Sale, which is generating further interest with a 15% discount running through July 9.

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