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Void Bastards Getting Free Challenge Modes And Paid Nemesis DLC

Void Bastards Getting Free Challenge Modes and paid Nemesis DLC

After a strong reception and successful launch, strategic BioShock-y shooter Void Bastards is getting a free challenge mode alongside DLC that will add a new organization, a new weapon and new ships.Players will have more ways to explore its cynical, roguelike take on space travel and prison systems.

Challenge modes headline the title's upcoming DLC. The challenge mode will stick you in difficult scenarios, such as "stealthing your way past super tough enemies, being forced to rely on amped up authorisation skills to take over ship systems and managing a super fast but hard to control client", according to developer Blue Manchu.

The studio is also working on DLC that will add "an entirely new organization, complete with a new opponent, new ships and never before seen rewards!". The announcement was accompanied by a video that

If you watch the video you will see the word "Nemesis" alongside a pink flower logo. I'm guessing that's the name of the new organisation. The DLC is "coming soon". All of these updates and DLC, the developer says, will be free for all players.Stay tuned for more news next week about the NEW WEAPON in our upcoming DLC!

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