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‘World Of Warcraft Classic’ Live, More Than Million People Are Watching WoW Classic On Twitch

‘World Of Warcraft Classic’ Live, More Than Million People Are Watching WoW Classic On Twitch

Blizzard has launched "World of Warcraft Classic" Monday, a nostalgic version of the multiplayer online roleplaying game, in which players can adventure as orcs and elves, among other characters.But, has resulted in long queue times and as such, an enormous boost of Twitch viewership for players waiting log in.To accommodate players, Blizzard Entertainment added more realms to choose from, but it's still expecting a long wait time for people who want to jump back into the game they first played more than a decade ago.

Top streamers from every corner of Twitch are streaming it right now, resulting in an audience of over one million concurrent viewers.Players who tried logging in right away likely found themselves waiting. Multiple players shared their queue time in the WoW Classic subreddit, waiting periods ranging from 30 minutes to a few hours.

Classic WoW is no walk in the park. Players must manually search for others to team up with for massive raids that involve 40 people communicating and working together — moments that have led people to make real-life friends.

Traveling from town to town will take time. The graphics are significantly pared back to resemble the original.Famously, current Blizzard president J. Allen Brack said in 2013 that they weren’t going to add servers for previous WoW expansions, as he seemed to believe people wouldn’t like “classic” WoW as much as they thought they would, considering all the improvements that have been made over the years.

The WoW Classic version of the game is 1.12, known as the "Drums of War" update released in August 2006, prior to the release of the first major expansion The Burning Crusade.

"We really approached this as almost like an archaeological dig. 'What was it like back then?'" said John Hight, "World of Warcraft's" executive producer and vice president. "We're carefully scraping the dust off the dinosaur bones and bringing it back to life."

"We have this audience that played it originally, and they want to come back, and then we have this new audience that has never played it and they want to check it out," said Hight. "What will be interesting to see is in the months to come, who stays with it."

Those interested in playing WoW Classic need to purchase a subscription from the Blizzard Shop, which costs $15 a month. This subscription also gives players access to the current version of WoW. All current WoW subscribers will have access to WoW Classic.

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