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The Climb Is Officially Launching On Oculus Quest On December 3

The Climb is officially launching on Oculus Quest on December 3

The Climb was developed by Crytek back in 2016 for the original PC-based Oculus Rift. It was originally developed for the Xbox controller, the Rift’s input before Touch controllers were released.

The Climb was one of the first announced for the Oculus Quest standalone headset, by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at Oculus Connect 5 in October 2018.

The Climb was praised for its graphics when it released on Rift. We’ve been extremely curious how well the visuals would look on the Quest port. Luckily, earlier today we got the first glimpse of this in the “coming soon” trailer:

The graphics look to hold up fairly well, considering the Quest’s GPU is around 10 times slower than the Rift minimum spec. The textures are obviously much lower detail, but the environment still looks stunning from a distance.

The wireless nature of the headset will likely for many make it a preferable overall to playing on Rift, even with the less detailed environment.

There’s no word yet on whether The Climb will support cross-buy with Rift, but we’ll let you know as soon as that information is available.

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